Harry Potter Night!

A night of fun for all muggles and wizards!


7:00-7:10pm: Arrival- by broom, apparation, thestrals, or walking (silly muggles)

7:10-7:20pm: Take your picture at your most wanted wizard photo booth and get some Harry Potter treats

7:20-8:00pm: An intense game of Harry Potter Scene It

Harry Potter Midweek!

Wednesday, Sep. 23rd, 7pm

52 University Terrace

Athens, OH

Harry Potter Scene it?

Scene it uses observation, memory, wordplay and puzzle-solving to answer different challenges about what you see on-screen!

Sure you may remember that Harry repotted Mandrakes in Herbology, but who fainted during the class? Don't know? Don't worry! You'll see it for yourself in the film clip!