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Message From Retreat Director

I am excited to welcome you to our 2017 summer retreat Pathways to Freedom. Join us as we journey together and share our ideas about personal and collective freedom, as well as explore in an atmosphere of universal love and consciousness energy. Here you will discover tools and techniques to empower you to reclaim your authentic self, and live a life of personal freedom. For the first time, this year we are ending our three-day retreat with a social evening and a celebratory dinner.

Coldrey Blake


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Do you want to be free from guilt and anger?

Do you want to be free from limited beliefs?


We don’t have the freedom to choose the environment we are born into or the conditions we find ourselves in, but we always have the freedom to choose how to respond to any set of circumstances we experience in life.

Deep inside we wish to be free to express our passions, talents, and abilities. We long to be our authentic self, and not to be blocked by fear, guilt, anger, pain and limited beliefs.

The Pathway To Freedom retreat will enable you to express personal freedom through a step-by-step guidance and healing process, which can liberate you from past conditioning and reactive emotions. You will begin to experience the peace, joy and emotional, physical and spiritual freedom you deserve.

During the retreat, we will expand our own experience of freedom by moving from our individual sense of freedom and expanding it to create the highest expression of our current lives. We will move towards an exploration of our role in the spiritual evolution of humanity. Ultimately, when we are called to express our greatest freedom, we serve the greater good in creating a world that works for all.

If you have experienced being controlled by fear, guilt, anger, pain and limited beliefs, and instead desire the freedom to express your life purpose, no matter what situation life hands you or how the world around you changes, we invite you join us on the Pathway To Freedom retreat.

This will be an exciting and fun celebration of the liberation of your authentic self, and meet and interact with like-minded people.


Keynote Speakers

Mark Gilbert

Author of four books including Be Yourself – Evolving the World through Personal Empowerment and Our Spiritual Evolution. He publishes the website Conscious Bridge which is devoted to exploring the evolution of spirituality, politics and culture. There ( you can find articles, videos, audios and much more. He is a certified trainer in Spiral Dynamics and works with Centers for Spiritual Living’s home office as their Global Services Coordinator. He holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a Masters in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute. He lives in Lakewood, Colorado, with his wife, Mary, and his chocolate lab, Harmony.

Pattie Mercado

Pattie believes in the power of knowing ones’ self to create a more authentic life and develops programs designed to empower each individual to reveal that truth. For more than 20 years, Pattie has facilitated groups and spoken on the platform reaching a range of seekers from youth to adult, volunteers to professionals. With strength in observation and the privilege of watching individuals grow and mature asking questions about identity and purpose, Pattie has uncovered a thought-provoking approach to life’s questions, illuminating them as stages of life development rather than a phase associated with biological age. Pattie is married and lives in Laguna Hills, California, where she and her husband of 31 years raised their two (now adult) children.

Workshop Leaders

The morning talks and workshop program offer a collection of experienced leaders and cutting-edge teachers, presenting new ideas on personal freedom, science and faith, universal social consciousness, compassionate communication, healing and spiritual practice. The focus as always is to bring you personal life skills, tools and techniques that you can use to experience more of what you truly want from your life.


Coldrey Blake is the Pathways To Freedom Retreat Director, and President of the International Centre for Spiritual Living Geneva. He is also the founder of Ki For Life, an established transformational coach, hypnotherapist and energy medicine therapist. Additionally, Coldrey is a certified Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, recognized by the Association for NLP (ANLP), a certified hypnotherapist of ‘The Association for Integrative Psychology’ (AIP), a Reiki Master Teacher, a Matrix Energetics practitioner, and a Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher.


Daniela Norris is a former diplomat and political writer, turned Past-Lives and Life-between-Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist. She is the author of four books from political to inspirational and is passionate about helping people overcome loss and connect with their life plans.


Mironel de Wilde is a yoga teacher and Non-Violent Communication trainer who is half Canadian and half European. At an early age he connected with Tibetan Buddhist teachings and Native Canadian shamanic practices which opened the world of spiritual discover to him. He traveled to India in 2001 to explore and practice the depths of yoga, and started teaching in 2004. His yoga path and teaching include a gentle, deep style of hatha yoga, the integrating energy-based approach of Tantra, and the esoteric philosophy and practice of Kashmir Shaivism. When Mironel encountered Non-Violent Communication (NVC), it opened a new world of self-understanding and acceptance for him. It has become a way to cultivate deep compassion and self-compassion which he loves to share. His focus is on offering tools and inspiration for self-growth to support deep connection with ourselves and each other so that we can live in full authenticity. He also makes films as an expression of his discoveries and learning on the Path.

Mironel on Facebook


Erik Zoeteweij is an Advanced EFT practitioner with AAMET, a practitioner of NLP and IET (Integrated Energy Techniques) and has done training in Provocative Energy Techniques and Picture Tapping Technique, and is also a TRE provider.


Anne Bodner-Martin is an American art teacher who has been living in France for the past 13 years. She has taught in international schools for 10 years. Anne will be leading the children’s and youth program for the retreat.

Program Information

Under the guidance of expert speakers and experienced workshop leaders, in an atmosphere of universal love and consciousness energy, you will discover and gain tools and techniques to empower you to reclaim your authentic self and live a life of personal freedom. At the Pathways To Freedom retreat you will discover:

  • How to use the power of Mind to create the life we desire
  • How we as individuals are really part of a greater Oneness
  • How we are evolving in consciousness and where it may be headed
  • How we can use our freedom to live a life of purpose, service and creation of a greater world

Wednesday August 9



Presented by Mark Gilbert and Pattie Mercado

We begin our journey by sharing our collective ideas about freedom, exploring where we are expressing freedom in our lives, identifying some blocks, and orienting ourselves to a common path of exploration. We will examine the possibilities of freedom for ourselves especially as it relates to our personal wants and needs and to our authenticity in our relationships with others and the world.



with Daniela Norris

Whether you believe in Past Lives or not is immaterial to this workshop, which will explore the concept of Free Will in the mirror of what we are meant to achieve in our lives. Whether this is something predetermined or, as Daniela Norris will suggest, something that we may have chosen for ourselves before being born we still have Free Will. How to make sure we use our Free Will wisely in all life circumstances and how we can modify pre-existing life-contracts is the topic of this unique take on Pathways to Freedom.

Bring a pen and an open mind.


Uncovering The Power of Word

with Coldrey Blake

We create our world with our thoughts and words. What we think and focus on is what we materialize and manifest. This workshop looks at the power of words, how to switch from low-energy to high-energy words, how to change your internal and external language patterns to bring about changes to your life.



With Erik Zoeteweij

This workshop is designed to release tension patterns, which are held in the body by inducing spontaneous movements of the body in ways that are natural to us but which our culture has trained us out of. TRE is a set of exercises, some of which are taken from yoga, and are designed to fatigue certain muscles in the body, which in turn activate them and activate a natural tremor mechanism.

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Thursday August 10



Presented by Mark Gilbert and Pattie Mercado

We begin to go deeper as we develop our personal tools, practices and choices that will enhance our use of freedom in our lives...exploring areas that are ripe for more personal freedom and growth...and seeing how our freedom is interconnected with our stories and the ways we relate with others.



with Mark Gilbert

Spirit is around us all the time if we use the freedom of our intentions to see it. The workshop explores how Spirit shows up in our world of form everyday and how we can use creative ways to more fully experience it. We will discuss and practice techniques that allow us to identify Truths, Beauty, Goodness, Love and other Divine characteristic in our lives, and use that recognition as a springboard to create similar Spiritual experience for others.



with Pattie Mercado

Life is meant to be shared! We can experience greater freedom in expressing ourselves and accepting others as we observe the dynamics of relating to ourselves, each other and life in new ways. In this workshop we will explore the art of connecting authentically in today’s world of fast paced technology and plethora of choices all vying for our time and energy. Through fun and meaningful practices we will reveal gateways to greater synchronicity in our relationships.



with Mironel de Wilde

Freedom is making authentic choices from who we are instead of from reactions or habits that have been long ingrained. One thing that keeps us in these patterns is the protective structures we have developed over a lifetime. Self-compassion is a way of becoming free from these old structures and create new ways to feel safe and process what we feel. It creates a space for all of who we are to be, as it is, so shift can happen naturally. Self-compassion means listening to the messages from all our emotions and allowing the life in them to move through us with care. It is a process of profound self-acceptance that holds everything we are in a tender conscious space beyond the realm of right and wrong. This develops a consciousness of compassion that gives strength to our vulnerability. Therefore we can be free to be our truest self and experience our emotions authentically, and make choices from this empowered place. Mironel will guide us through a process of self-compassion to grow this inner capacity.

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Friday August 11



Presented by Mark Gilbert and Pattie Mercado

Finally, we find ourselves in a place to listen to where our Freedom is calling us in the world. We see ourselves as part of the collective One, and recognize how our freedom moves in us answering our personal call and sharing our gifts. This deeper experience will call us to be in action in the world with greater clarity, purpose and generosity.



with Pattie Mercado

In this workshop we will explore the myths of scarcity that can hold us back from living fully engaged and receptive to the infinite good that surrounds us. As we let go of the need to accumulate, compete, and always ‘be more’ we find there is a natural grace that is moving us in alignment with our highest and greatest ideas for our life. With a fun, yet thorough examination of those places where we say we are not enough, and where there is not enough (time, resources, peace, creativity, sleep, work, rest, fun, etc.), we discover the infinite possibilities that exist and how we are uniquely called to receive, share and express our good in the world.



with Rev Mark Gilbert

This workshop provides a brief overview of the theory of Spiral Dynamics which outlines the evolutionary patterns of human worldviews. We will learn how to identify the expression of these viewpoints in our own life and in the lives of others giving us a better understanding of human relationships and why people make the choices they do. We will also consider some proactive actions we can take to better communicate with individuals who see life through a different lens than we do.



With Erik Zoeteweij

This workshop is designed to release tension patterns, which are held in the body by inducing spontaneous movements of the body in ways that are natural to us but which our culture has trained us out of. TRE is a set of exercises, some of which are taken from yoga, and are designed to fatigue certain muscles in the body, which in turn activate them and activate a natural tremor mechanism.

Registration Details

1-Day Ticket: CHF 185.00.-

Includes full program, lunch (vegetarian option will be available), coffee, tea and snacks

Evening dinner included only on Friday

Accommodation is NOT included

Special discount Ticket CHF 370.00.- (3 days for the price of 2 days)

Includes all of the above plus our celebratory dinner on Friday evening

Special Prices

For Senior Citizens and unemployed students with proof of relevant ID

1-Day Ticket: 150.-

3-Days Discount Ticket: CHF 300.-

Your Program Includes

Inspirational Seminars

Daily meditations and sacred circle

Choice of daily workshops on body, mind, and spirit freedom

Inspirational film night

Personal time for renewal and inner reflection

Children’s Program

1-Day Ticket: CHF 75.00.-

3-Day Ticket: CHF 150.-

We have a special discount for more then1child

Please contact us for further information

Optional visits at our Wellness Centre

Our qualified wellness practitioners will be offering: massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, EFT, Angel Reading, Past-Life Regression and more.

Contributions from:

CHF 40.- for 30 minutes session

CHF 60.- for 1 hour session

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Situated 25km from Geneva and 20km from Geneva International Airport the Château de Bossey is in a convenient and desirable location for all the local sights and amenities.

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