To Kill A Mockingbird

Who is she:

Ms.Maudie is an open-minded citizen. She is a gardener and spends time talking to Jem and Scout. Miss Maudie helps them to get a better understanding of Atticus and their community

Religious Point Of View

Miss Maudie is a Baptist, but she is not that religious. She is actually against it because of the toll it takes on peoples lives, for instance the Radley's family. One time she was told that she was going to hell, along with her flowers because she spent to much time out in the garden instead of inside reading the bible. All the other Baptist are against anything that brings enjoyment.

"My shell's not that hard,child i'm just a baptist."

Opinion On Atticus

She believes Atticus Finch is a good man and father to the children. She thinks he does good for his community of fighting for justice and what is right.

" Atticus Finch is the same in his house as he is on the streets."

"If Atticus Finch drank until he was drunk he wouldn't be as hard as some men are at their best."

Our Opinion

Ms.Maudie is a lovely widow. She enjoys talking to Jem and Scout and she is an excellent friend to them. She isn't like Miss Stephanie Crawford, she don't like to gossip about others. She likes to know the truth about someone before judging them. Even though she's not religious she is still a Baptist. She's a very kind and honest person. She's a good role model because she teaches Jem and Scout not to believe everything they hear. Ms.Maudie also cares a lot about her garden, especially her Azaleas.

Why did Harper Lee include Miss Maudie?

Harper Lee includes Miss Maudie because she has integrity and is always able to give wisdom to the children. She helps the children have a better perspective on Boo. She tells Scout how Boo was as a child. Jem never believed in his father, Atticus can do anything. Miss Maudie then informed Jem that Atticus is capable of writing and airtight contract and a legal document. She stands up for Atticus at the Missionary Women's Tea. She is a type of foil to the situation that takes place in the novel.
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Francis Duggan

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