synchronised swimming

by Merav Nahmoud and Noa Kedem

Synchronised swimming

Do you like to dance? Do you like a beautiful custom ? Do you like to swim? So Synchronised swimming is for you!

Anyone like to move their body, it help to feel more shapely and more healthy. One of the better sports to feel that is the Synchronised swimming.

Synchronised swimming is a sport that integrates dance water and swimming to the sound of music.

Synchronised swimming is a special since opposed of other competitions the men and women compete together.

The group of synchronised swimming from Russia is one of the famous groups. They won in the couple exercise and in the group exercise for gold medal for 3 Olympics games!

synchronised swimming is a fun and beautiful sport activity that boys and girls can to do it. So what do you think, do want to join to it?

Dance, fancy customs and swimming, all of it in synchronised swimming

Team China Synchronized Swimming Montreal November 2009