Republic of Chad

The culture of Chad

The People

The people of Chad has a population of 9.5 million, growing at a rate of three percent annually, that means there are 285 people added to the population per year. 75% of the lives in rural areas. About half of ass Chadians live in the fertile south, one-third in the center, and the rest is in or north of the Sahara.
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Customs and Courtesies

Proper greetinfs are essential to Chadians. When joining a group or visiting a home, one shakes hands with all, beginning with elders, and then men before women. Friends often hold hands during an entire greeting. The left hand is not used in any exchanges of greetings.
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A man has many wives and children as his invome, and religion. Christianity discourages more than one. The children of co-wives are considered brothers and sisterss, althugh siblings of the same mother maintain the closest bond.
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The president (currently Idriss Deby) is head of state and elected to a five-year term. Members of the 155-seat National Assembly are elected to four-year terms. the coting age is 18. Public shamings or beatings are traditional local punishments.
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