Freshmen Newsletter

Anna Bupp


Hey! My name is Anna Bupp. I was a freshman last year for Honors English 9. This year will mentally and physically prepare you for years to come. She will introduce you to many genres of books. You will have many projects to do all the books and will teach you these three skills:




We travel to a world where kids can be unwound and have their body can be stored for medical use. She will introduce you this dystopian world and become one of them by reading the novel. With your group, you will compete for different events for prizes by remembering information about the book. There will also be TDA analyzes on the characters.

Romeo and Juliet

Now, you will learn the real story of these star-crossed lovers. This will get in touch with your romantic side by reading this play out loud, word by word. But, you will also learn about the play writer himself, William Shakespeare. You will also compare it with the many movies that have portrayed this tragedy.

The Odyssey

This epic will become a favorite for you Percy Jackson fans. You will learn about of Odysseus' feats and losses during his journey. You will see the many monsters, gods , and goddesses and will research them. You will also have to fill out study guides along the way!


This section will be the last section of your freshman career. It will bring out your emotional side( unless you are Gavin Miller). You will be inspired by many young poets from Louder that a Bomb and others in the world. You will be required to write a poem on anything your heart desires. The key to this section is to let loose and not to waste your time!


Independent reading opened me up to more books that I either never got to read or never knew about until this year. For example, The Maze Runner by James Dashner, was a book that I've wanted to read but never had a chance. Then, I was able to read as my independent dystopian novel. My realistic independent novel, I chose Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson. You will read one of her novels in class called Speak. Her writing gave me chills as I was hit with the reality of self harm and anorexia. My historical fiction, The Book Thief by Mark Zusak, showed me the life of a German in World War II and how decision were life and death. These independent reading assignments did not feel like a burden, but felt like being showed a whole new perspective.


My Fave

I really liked reading all the dystopian novels. The one we read in class, Unwind, and my independent reading book, The Maze Runner and UnWholly. Also, all of the down-to-earth talks and how flexible and fun Mrs. Allen is. She brings a new definition of teacher.

Not So Fave

Towards the end of the school year, you might think that it will be chilled and laid back with no work. But it isn't. You will be trying to finish and shine your poem and many other projects. This will put a lot of stress on you. I found it hard on me.


My Wise Words

This class will test your limits and will make you question your pursue in Honors English classes. This class will need you to be prepared to work from Day 1 to the Last Day of School. Make sure to be organized. She will have a binder check, but it will be useful to make your own folder for the section you are specifically on. Lastly, be happy and loosey goosey! This is a class to relax and be creative. Let yourself go and think of your future.

Top 5 Things to Do:

  1. Play Careless Whisper, Total Eclipse of the Heart , or Photograph by Nickelback
  2. Involve yourself with this class
  3. Have a weekly or daily planner specifically for this class
  4. Have a monotone voice
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