Counseling Newsletter

March 2019

Important Dates

3/6 - End of the second trimester

3/10 - Daylight Savings Time- turn your clocks ahead!

3/14 - Student 2-hour early release day

3/15 - Teacher PD, no school for students

3/17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

3/20 - First day of Spring!

3/28 - Evening Conferences


Monthly Focus - Peer Pressure and How it has Changed

Technology, social media, and the fast pace of today's society have changed the way peer pressure is experienced for middle schoolers. Check out this article on how peer pressure has changed since parents were in school.

In Danger of Failing Letters

Once the second trimester ends on the 6th of March, we will start obtaining through PowerSchool the average grades for trimester one and trimester two. In Danger of Failure letters will be mailed home to students who may be in jeopardy of summer school or retention if grades are not improved for the final trimester. Counselors will continue to meet with students and work with them on strategies for improvement.

JUULing - Stay Educated

Do you know what JUULing is? Do you know it is becoming more and more popular among teens? Do yourself a favor and take a couple minutes to read this article about JUULing. Stay educated!!

Moran Counselors

Grade 6 - Mrs. Barber-Devine

Grade 7 - Mrs. Funaro

Grade 8 - Mrs. DeHaan