Joyceville PS Week Ahead

November 16-20

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Cultivating Critical Thinking and Creativity in Responsive Learning Environments

Thanks for a great day of learning together!

Dawn, thanks for hosting and inspiring us to try sketch noting!

Please submit input for School Improvement Plan to me if you have not already - keep, change/revise, remove.

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Lockdown Drill

Well done on the lockdown practice. Your response was quick and students were very quiet. Please note that we have asked to keep the to doors storage areas and unused classroom spaces shut and locked. Please let Rick or me know if you require keys as we transition to this. This allows police to clear the building for safety more quickly. Also, the Fire Marshall asked us to keep doors closed as much as possible to avoid smoke contamination in case of fire.

Remembrance Day

Thank you for preparing your students for a touching Remembrance Day Assembly. It was wonderful to have our students so involved.

Bully Awareness Week

Grade 6/7 students have planned activities - looking forward to seeing what they have for us! They will visit each class on Wed or Thurs for about 15 minutes. Please sign up in staff room.

This Week

Monday, November 16, Day 2

  • Teens Trashing Tobacco 1:00-1:20 (Gym)
  • Girls Volleyball vs Gelnburnie @home

Tuesday, November 17, Day 3

  • Bus Safety JK-Grade 3 1:10-1:40; Grade 4-8 1:50-2:20
  • Boys Volleyball vs Storrington @home

Wednesday, November 18, Day 4

  • Heather away - pm (mentoring) - Dawn will be TIC

Thursday, November 19, Day 5

  • Colour House activities 1:00-2:20 (indoor team building challenges)
  • Boys Volleyball vs Elginburg @home
  • Grade 7/8 class to Gould Lake
  • Speech Open House

Friday, November 1

  • Pink Shirt Day
  • Assembly 2:45

Staff meeting dates 2015-2016

Thursday December 3

Tuesday January 12

Tuesday February 23

Tuesday March 8

Tuesday April 5

Tuesday May 10

Upcoming Dates

December 2 Progress Reports due

December 4 Jingle Bell Walk

December 8 IEPs submitted for review

December 15 Progress Reports home

December 15-17 Gift Room

December 16 Christmas Lunch

December 17 Christmas Play


As you update IEPs for your students for Term 1, please remember that Spi is available for consultation and assistance. As well, please let me know if there is any way I can assist you with the completion of Term 1 IEPs. Also, please remember that for students with modified expectations in a subject, progress indicated on the Progress Report is based on progress towards meeting expectations as outlined in the Term 1 IEP.