Hugh Cole Family Update

September 25, 2020

Mark Your Calendars

Monday, Sept 28th - No School for Students (Professional Development for staff)

Thursday, Oct 8th - 6:30pm - PTO Meeting

Monday, Oct 12th - No School (Holiday)

Monday, Oct 19th - Distance Learning Day for all students (Professional Development for staff)

Daily Student Attestation Form - Required Daily Before Coming to School

**This form is now accessible through ASPEN on a Smart phone.


  1. Log into the parent portal:

  2. If you require assistance logging in, please contact

  3. Here is the How To Complete the Daily Student Attestation Form in the Aspen Parent Portal directions

Arrival and Dismissal

Thank you for being on time to school every day!

Car Riders

  • We recommend all students enter and exit the car on the driver's side.
  • Be sure to drive slowly throughout the entire loop for everyone's safety.
  • If you need a car sign, please email

Upcoming Professional Development Days and Distance Learning

There will be two types of Professional Development days this year. The first type will be days that are no school days for students and the second type are virtual support days for students.

During no school days (September 28 and May 13), in-person and distance learning students do not need to log-in and complete work. During virtual support days October 19, November 16, January 25, March 15, and May 17), in-person and distance learning students will log-in from home and complete assigned work.

Both types of professional development days are important opportunities for teachers and staff to collaborate, plan instruction and participate in professional learning. It is also an important opportunity for students and families to catch up, take a break, and complete assignments.

Hugh Cole PTO Meetings

Our first meeting will be held this coming Thursday at 6:30. Please email to rsvp at and the meeting link will be sent to you. This is for all of our families whether you are in person or distance learning!

Mark Your Calendars for this year's virtual PTO meetings

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM


11/10/20 * due to election day we moved to the second Tuesday








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For those of you I have not had the pleasure to meet, I am your School nurse, Denise Rochefort, BA, RN, RICSNT. Below you will find some reminders and information to help our students stay healthy and ready to learn.

Medication Policy

If a student needs ANY medication during school hours, a MEDICATION CONSENT FORM, link for form: must be completed and signed by the doctor and parent/guardian. All prescription medications must be in a pharmacy labeled medication bottle. The label must include the students name, the name of the medication, correct dosage, time of administration and providers name. Over-the-counter medication must be in its original store container and labelled with the student’s name and grade.

Head Lice

This can happen to anyone. Most lice are transmitted through prolonged head to head contact, like at sleepovers or when sharing hair care items. Check your children on a regular basis. When treating head lice, follow package directions and comb out lice and nits thoroughly daily for at least 2 weeks in order to break the life cycle. While this is time consuming it is very effective at preventing repeat cycles of head lice.


Mandated health screenings are performed according to the RI Department of Health and RI. Vision for Grades 1st through 5th and Dental for K-5th. Parents may opt out of Vision or Dental Screening by providing documentation to School Nurse that they have seen their Dentist for routine care and/or Eye Care Specialist for a comprehensive exam. Parents that provide the school nurse with a current Physical Exam with documentation that the Scoliosis Screening was done will not need to participate in Scoliosis Screening in school. Parent/Guardian will only receive notification of a failed screening requiring a referral to a specialist.

East Bay Smiles

East Bay Smiles is a school based dental program. They provide dental services including exams, cleanings, fluoride treatments, x-rays, and sealants; with additional consent for fillings, pulpotomies (baby teeth root canals) and simple extractions can be done. The program is for children who do not have a family dentist.

They accept Medicaid, Rite Smiles and Private insurances with No Copay! There is never any out of pocket cost even if your insurance doesn't cover the service! All Services are FREE for children who are uninsured. If you have any questions regarding East Bay Dental Programs please contact them @ 401-848-6697 Ext 103 or email: REGISTRATION FORMS WILL BE GOING HOME.

Change of Clothing

It is suggested your student has a change of clothing in their backpack for bathroom accidents or other incidents where clothing may become soiled.

When to Contact Your School Nurse

If your child:

1. Has symptoms of COVID 19, Cold, Flu, or Gastrointestinal Illness

2. Has been hospitalized.

3. Has a change in medical concerns (new diagnosis for exacerbation of chronic conditions like asthma, illness or injury, including concussions.

4. Requires crutches, wheelchairs, cast or splints.

5. Needs medication at school or has a change in medication or dosage.

6. Has a contagious disease that has been diagnosed by a physician e.g. chicken pox, shingles, pink eye, strep throat, impetigo, flu, norovirus or COVID 19.

7. Has limited or restrictive activity for school in classroom or physical education.

8. Has any social-emotional concerns that may affect school attendance or performance.

When to keep Your Child Home:

1. Fever of 100 degrees or higher and may return to school when fever is below 100 without using fever reducing medicine like acetaminophen(Tylenol) or Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin)

2. Signs of Probable Case of COVID 19: ONE of the following: Cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, New loss of taste or smell OR Two of the following: Fever, Chills, Muscle aches, Headache, Sore throat, Nausea or Vomiting, Diarrhea, Fatigue, Congestion or runny nose.

3. Signs of Cold, Flu, or gastrointestinal illness which often have the same signs and symptoms as above.

4. Students with poorly controlled Asthma or Allergies require MD evaluation and management.

5. Strep throat, may return 24 hours after starting Antibiotic

6. Pink eye or Impetigo (skin infection) may return 24 hours after starting Antibiotic

7. Ringworm: requires MD diagnosis/note and treatment, May return 48 hours after treatment started

8. Rashes: Require medical evaluation before returning to school with MD note

9. Injuries/sprains/strains: Students will require MD evaluation and a MD note for crutches and elevator

use in school upon return to school.

10. Concussions: Requires evaluation and MD note to return to school with accommodations needed.

I may be reached by phone 401-245-1460 Ext 8511 or Email:

Here's to a great 2020-21 school year!

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Be sure to label all outerwear and belongs!

All lost items with students' names will be returned to the student. All non-labeled items will be kept for 24 hours only. Please label all items so they can be returned.

Clothing for cooler weather

We will continue to have students outside as much as possible for fresh air, so be sure to have students wear layered clothing (labeled) to keep warm.