December 13, 2015

What's Happening This Week:

Reading Groups:

1. Word Families: ad, ag, an, ap

2. Word Families: id, ig, in, ip

3. Word Families: ug, un, ut, ob

4. consonant _r blends, consonant digraphs, s_ consonant blends, Consonant _l blends

5. consonant digraphs, consonant _r blends, review blends, CVCV (silent e)

Writing Groups:

1. one complete sentence, letter sound matches letter symbol, cvc words

2. one complete sentence, correct letter formation, cvc words

3. two complete sentences, topic sentence, pronouns

4. two complete sentences, topic sentence, pronouns


Small Groups


5 Senses


Weekly homework will be going home on Mondays along with the poetry binder. Homework will come home in a folder with 3 pages. The idea is that you have all week to complete homework. It goes home on Monday and comes back on Friday.

Suggested schedule:

Monday: Poetry Binder

Tuesday: Page 1

Wednesday: Page 2

Thursday: Page 3

Friday: Return to school

The most important homework is that you and your kindergartener read nightly!

There will be no homework over the break!