The Wonderful World of Cells

Organelle Project!

What to do?

Find your #8 Clock partner. Each group will be assigned an organelle from either a prokaryotic or eukaryotic cellGet only one netbook per group!!!!!. Research your organelle. You may use the internet, the book or your notes. The only website you may not use is After you have gathered your information, go to Create a login with out facebook using you email adress and a password. After logging in, click on start a new poster.Begin creating a new poster about your organelle! After you have finished, make sure you click save and that you go to the published version and click the share button. Write down the adress so that you can pull it up to present to the class. You only have until the end of the period to complete this assignment!!!!!

What Will You Be Graded On?

Poster  -  Spelling and grammar do count!  Creativity of your poster!  You must have pictures as well!  Correctness of information        Presentation  -  2-5 minutes,  present your ideas clearly,  both partners must take turns,  speak clearly and slowly so that everyone can understand,  answer questions at the end