Bullying: DON'T IGNORE IT!!!!!!!!

By: Anton & Demetre

About Bullying

Bullying is a very serious problem all over the world, not only in school but also in work offices and other places. Bullies are people with unstable emotions, they pick on other kids to make themselves feel better. There are many types of bullying, and all of them are equal as bad, here are some types of bullying: CyberBullying, Social Bullying, and Physical Bullying.

How YOU can stop bullying.

How YOU can stop Bullying.

YOU can stop bullying you can do many things. Like, you can tell and adult that someone is bullying and the bully will stop bullying you. Also you can stand up for yourself, which will make the bully less confident. And never keep your feeling inside always tell an adult. And stay away from places were people usually get bullied.