Team 5:16 ~ June 2014

Dream Big ~ Sparkle More ~ Shine Bright

Team Stats

Team Sales: $11,274

Parties: 22

New Recruits: 1

Party Average: $512

Total Consultants: 17

You Beat the Director!!!

Way to Go Amber Moses for ROCKING Your business!!! You doubled my PV this month and beat me in parties as well! Please share any tips and advice you may have for the team on how you are continuing to Shine Bright in your business!!! Way to Go!!!


Congratulations to Shannon George, Janet Beckley and Davee Bidgood for registering for National Conference!!! I am so excited to share this experience with all three of you! This is a FIRST for all of us and I can't wait! Be sure to check out TOT for up to the minute news and announcements about conference!!!

Dates: July 23rd-25th.

August Celebrate & Connect

Stephanie and I will be cohosting August's Celebrate & Connect Meeting in Marysville on August 14th at 6:30 pm! The address is: Allen Center Township , 16945 Allen Center Road, Marysville, OH 43040. If you cannot attend our meeting please register to one that is more convenient- these meetings are vital for our businesses! :)

Attendee Dates

Consultant RegistrationJuly 2-17

Consultant Late Registration*
*$5 non-refundable Late Registration Fee deducted from commissionsJuly 22-29

MeetingsAugust 9-16

How to Market July

Get your Hostesses excited about our adorable and exclusive Chill-icious Thermal collection! She’ll definitely want to get her hands on more than one this month when she hosts a $200+ party. At the $200 party level, your Hostess can:  Get one Chill-icious Thermal for $5  Use her Hostess half-price to get a second Chill-icious Thermal for $12.50  Use her $25 Hostess Credit to get a third Chill-icious Thermal for FREE!

Remember to use the July How to Market page on TOT – Kate’s Product 101 video, social media graphics and the Monthly Special flier! use the tools available to make your business shine without recreating the wheel!!!

You’re going to be in front of friends and family this summer… why not have a pop-up party! Call your friend or family member who might be hosting the barbecue you’re attending and ask if it’s okay for you to bring 5 or 6 of your favorite products (don’t forget your Chill- icious Thermal from the July C&C!) and host a party. Remind her of all the great rewards she’ll get at the $200 party level.

July Recruiting Incentive

We know there are some potential recruits out there who are on the fence about joining Thirty-One. We want to help you give them a little incentive to join now and also give her an opportunity to get new product in her hands! Every new Consultant who joins the business July 1-15 will receive a Chill-icious Thermal in their Summer Enrollment Kit! She can choose from one of the 4 characters – Messy Monkey, Hoos’ Hungry, Silly Stinker or Tweet-Heart.
By offering her this exclusive product, we’re helping to set her up for success NOW! She can use the Chill-icious Thermal to get bookings in July and get her Customers excited for August. When she hosts her own $200 party in July, she can use her Hostess Benefits to get additional Chill-icious Thermals.

Encourage her to host her launch party this month so she can earn even more products using Hostess Benefits AND be eligible for RSS!

July Party Incentive & RSS

RSS starts on August 1st- Aug 15th- make sure to book those parties ladies! Have you seen the amazing 3 level kits for this upcoming catalog- AHHHHMAZING! There are 3 levels- $300, $600 & $1200- HO is making it EASY for us to earn at least one level this RSS! Who is shooting for the stars and going for all three? I know I am!!!

Also- Just like June, HO is doing a July Party Incentive. Our July Party Challenge began July 1st! Same criteria as last month - they're looking for the top 31 Consultants in the following categories (for a total of 62 earners):  Highest party sale submitted in July. To clarify, they're looking at individual parties, not your total party sales for the month.  Most number of parties submitted in July. In the event of a tie, we’ll use party sales as a tie breaker.
Our 62 earners will receive all 6 prints of a new fall product. We’ll reveal that product after Product Premiere on TOT. Earners will be announced in August after July commissions are run.

Other Announcements:

Farewell to Creative Expressions: Creative Expressions will no longer be available beginning this fall for both product and stationery (notecards and notepads). Be sure to pass this information on to your Customers so they can take advantage of this personalization option before it’s gone.

Join the #Share31 Movement!: Share 31 acts of kindness and give back to our Conference communities in Denver and Columbus! Tell us what you’re doing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, use the hashtag #Share31 and we’ll make a donation to Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Denver and Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Columbus on your behalf!

Security Updates for Conference: Just a reminder that backpacks won’t be allowed in Pepsi Center in Denver or Nationwide Arena in Columbus. For clarification on what we mean by backpack, check out Kate’s video that posted to TOT last week. It can be found in the Announcements. In addition to backpacks not being allowed in Nationwide Arena in Columbus, laptops also won’t be permitted. When we say laptops, we mean full size laptops. Tablets, notepads and smartphones are okay.

Heather's Stats

PV: $2,186

Parties: 5 Recruits: 0

Paycheck at consultant Level: $546.50

Paycheck at Director Level: $1,852.97

($1,000 bonus! whoo hoo!!!)