Battle of Stoney Creek

Why You Should Be Interested

Quick Recap

For those of you that don't know about the battle of Stoney Creek, I will tell you a little bit about it. First of all, this battle started in the night. The British planned on attacking the Americans main camp, but missed it will searching. In the confusion that followed as well as it being dark, some soldiers actually killed people from there own side.

Who Won?

Some of you may be wondering who won the war, considering a lot of soldiers on each side died. Well, like most wars, the British won. The American's retreated to the other side of the Niagara River and the British considered this a battle well fought.

More Details About the Fight

The battle was like I said, held during the night. When the British attacked they missed the main camp and everything was down hill from there. But what you may not know is that 19 year old Billy Green is actually the one that informed the British about the Americans whereabouts. The battle was only 40 minutes long and consisted of many deaths.
Extra Info On Stoney Creek