Enrique oropesa 2/Ms. Green


Marine life

a series of organisms related by predator-prey and consumer-resource interactions; the entirety of interrelated food chains in an ecological community. This food web shows different types of marine life and which animals eat each other.

Positive and negative things humans do for marine life.

Throughout human existence we have relied on the oceans – for food, as a waste dump, for recreation, for economic opportunities and so on. However, it’s not only our activities in the marine environment that affect life in the sea – it’s also the things we do on land. People are always helping marine life by taking In dangered species to aquariums. People also try to clean the ocean by trying to clean people's fishing gear from the ocean because they find lots of nets and other types of fishing gear.

Killer wale, krill, penguin roles in food web

A killer Wales role to play is to try to eat, the killer wale eats penguins and leopard seals to stay healthy and so it won't die. A krills role to play is eat phytoplankton and they are consumers. The pinguins role in the marine food web is to eat squids to survive