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2015 - 2016 Third Grade Weekly News


Jog-a-Thon will take place on Wednesday, September 26th. The money raised helps PTO to purchase electronic devices, outdoor equipment, provide teacher grants for classroom projects and experiences, fund activities such as our talent show, carnival, and numerous other experiences.

Volunteer opportunities are available!

Websites to Use at Home

Math Sites:

  • Scootpad: go to -> login using username: first-last and password is lunch code -> click on scootpad icon

**We will add to this list in the coming weeks.

This Past Week

In reading, we are working on retelling our narrative stories. This is a HUGE skill we will build on throughout this school year. We learned that our retells should take BIG steps throughout our stories. We are using "Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then" to assist with our thinking trails and encourage our responses to be focused on the most important details. In third grade, we are realizing a lot of characters are becoming more complex and have more wants and needs than our earlier books in first and second. We are practicing identifying those in our retell. As I was joining partnerships to listen to their retells, my heart was melting. They were having beautiful conversations building one another up but did not shy away from helping their partner in an area of weakness. They are truly maturing and growing in front of my eyes daily!

In math, we spent the early portion of the week reviewing unit 1 and showing our skills on our test. As I look back at any test, I reflect on what I did well and how I could've taught better. On this particular assessment, I felt like I needed to spend a bit more time reviewing rounding with the class. Rounding is not the only strategy to use for estimation as they grow in their mathematics; however, it can be a useful skill to them. On Thursday, I felt we needed to slow down and revisit this strategy and practice. As you see their math test come home on Tuesday, you may see an additional rounding assessment. Each child was given another opportunity to show their thinking and I have tose attached to their original test.

On Friday, we kicked off our second unit and we will be focusing on number stories mainly. We will be using our fact fluency with addition and subtraction and the concept of multiplication and division to navigate through visualizing word problems. In the classroom, I am getting to know each child better and better as a mathematician. I am interviewing each child to see how they process numbers, navigate through unknown values and finding strategies that will work for each unique learner. We are a colorful group and our needs vary greatly. The common thread that will assist every third grader this year will be to build their multiplication fluency. Some are more comfortable than others. In your child's yellow folder, you will find a multiplication strategy letter for you guys. It has some helpful tips to make multiplication easier to process. Feel free to reach out for more ideas, too.

In writing, we looked at several mentor texts to identify beautiful narrative. We are focusing mostly on the stories that are told bit-by-bit, including dialogue and using descriptive language that allows our readers to see our story.

In science, I hope you all have heard about our newest friends, the crayfish. The kids are in love with this crustaceans. We are observing them to identify their body structures and behaviours.

Next Week's Mentor Sentence

I'm the speediest snake in the jungle and I'm still turning green.


*We will work the concept of comparative and superlative adjectives.

Coming Up Next Week:

Next week, we are looking for normal - or at least a bit more routine.

Specifically in each subject we will be getting into the following:

  • Math: We will work with number stories each day. We will begin with single step problems and work our way into multi step problems throughout the week.
  • Reading: We will take our knowledge throughout this first unit of reading and put our knew skills to the test. They will read a short story and answer a few questions asking them to retell the story, make a higher-thinking prediction, and think about their character and their problems.
  • Science: We will continue to watch and observe our crayfish.

Word Study

We are finally familiar with the flow and routine for word study in our third grade classroom. At this point in the year, it is best to reach each kiddo at their spelling stage. On Monday, a paper copy will still come home. Continue to encourage your child to study those throughout the week and look for their spelling patterns in their reading. Feel free to reach out if you need tips on how to study with your child and/or would like an electronic version of the sorts, too.

Upcoming Dates

September 26 - Jog-A-Thon

October 3rd (afternoon) & 4th (afternoon/evening) - Student Conferences/E-Day

October 9th - Picture Re-Take Day

October 10th - PTO Meeting 6:00pm w/ Dedication of Shade Structure

October 15th-19th - Fall Break

October 24th - Blood Drive 3:00-7:00pm Cafe

Meeting Our Crayfish

Big picture
Big picture