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November 17, 2014

Celebrate Continuous Learning in PD: ELLs and Differentiation!

NP3 works hard to know each and every student and their needs as learners. Every assessment, student product and interaction provides educators with more information on student achievement levels and areas to support or challenge. It guides every instructional choice teachers make for each child. To all the Pirate staff - great effort, enthusiasm and implementation of different strategies and concepts to address each student!

ELL strategies! Fill your toolbox! Notice how many are familiar to you!

What does the teacher in the video have in place to support effective differentiation?

In the video, what effect does the talking have prior to writing?

NP3 Announcements Mateys!

For Teachers Only:

·Counselors OUT!: Edwards/Parr are OFF SITE Monday and Tuesday. Please don't send any kids. If an issue comes up, please email Hunt.

·S DRIVE: Plan on no return for the S Drive. There will be a replacement, but the date is unknown. Until then, use google docs for student work - google docs is a guarantee for saving. If students can't access google docs, add a work order.

·6th Celebration: The next one is 12/5.

·Thanksgiving Break: There is no school November 24-28.

·AICs: November 19th.

·Door Decorating Contest: Please talk to your studt govt rep about the details! Help your advisory kiddos follow the outlined dates (-: Judging is on the 21st during enrich.

·Procedures: Remember to teach lunch line and parking lot procedures to advisory.

Share with Advisees:

·Applications!: Open Enrollment for 6th-8th is going on right now! If you plan on having a sibling attend, please get an application in asap! They are available in the front office and our website NP3MIDDLE.com.

· Booster Meeting: Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the next booster meeting is Dec 8th in the NP3 Library.

·Fundraising: 6th and 8th graders are selling Cherrydale and Cookie Dough to raise money for Sci Camp and DC/Philly Trip Nov 3-11.

·Thanksgiving Break: There is no school November 24-28.

·Squad Bake Sale: Snelling's advisory is selling baked goods to raise money for advisory and EOY activities-Nov 18 and 19 @ lunch.

·Counseling Info: Studies show that communicating to children early and often about the benefits of higher education increases the likelihood that they will attend college. Please click on the following link to read more on our school's counseling page.