What makes a hero?

Jesse Owens

What makes a hero?

A hero has to believe in his team and in him or her self . A hero has believe to in their selves and their team because if they don't believe in themselves than the goal that they are trying to reach will not come true because to reach a goal you have to believe that it will happen. Another trait that a hero is, is to have strength. A hero has to have strength because if a hero does not have strength than the goals that he or she will want to reach will not happen because they do not have strength.

Are all hero's the same?

Not all hero's are the same. They are not all the same because each hero is made for something different. For example a hero that saves a puppy from a street or a cat from a tree is a hero that is full of kindness. Another character trait that a hero could be is when he or she wants to change the world and change the rules about the world is a hero that cares about the world and ow they treat people, animal's, and any kind of other things and that character trait is mindful. It is mindful of a hero to do that because that hero is using his or her's mind to figure the problem out. So now you can see that not all hero's are the same and that they are all made for different things.

Do we all have the same hero's?

We do not all have the same hero's. Of course we have some of the same hero's like Spider Man, Super Man, and all the other Avengers but that's just regular superhero's. I mean they still work for something but this is not the kind of hero's that I am talking about. My explanation of why we don't all have the same hero's is because we are all different so we all care about you know different thing's. So we have different hero's of the things that we care about and think about. So now you can see that we all have different hero's.

How do hero's face challenges?

I think that the most hero or hero's that have been in most hard challenges were colored people because white people would treat colored people like pets and imagine what they would do if the colored people would want to become a hero. I think that the white people would of treated them very bad. But all hero's face challenges even people that are not black. For example a challenge that a hero can take is what if the hero is a very shy person then that would be hard because a hero always has to be brave and strong. So that might be a challenge for that hero because he or she would have to learn to not be shy anymore. So now you can see the challenges that a hero faces.

How do hero's affect others?

Hero's affect other's by helping them out. For example one of my hero's is Ariana Grande because she inspired me to sing. I mean this is what I mean by effect because that person is inspiring he or she to do this and that. It can be little things that a hero can do to you. That's about making you know that the person that inspires you or affect's you is doing what you like and what you think is right.