Finding hope.

Kylee s. p.2

Testing over and over again, but no cure found. We can't lose hope they all say, but is there really much more hope to give? Breast Cancer awareness needs to be heard.Then maybe there will be hope. People need to know that real innocent people are dying from this very harmful disease.

Its not preventable you cant just avoid it, because when it chooses you you have to fight to live, and more than 70% of woman who get this type of cancer have no known risk factors of getting it. Every girl is at risk of getting Breast Cancer, but some things happen so that you are at a higher risk. Like having other family members getting it like your mother or even her mother before her. Or if you have a history of having problems where the cancer starts then your at a higher risk factor than others who have no history of any family members that had it or have any thing wrong with that area.

It starts with a change in size or shape and then you get red around the area where the cancer is. Finally the pain hits and at that very point there's not much you can do, but go through the diagnosis process which is starting with an x-ray, and then to see where the cancer starts and if its growing. You also take a test called mammogram ( the propose of the test is to find any lumps or changes that the x-ray couldn't find ) another test is called the biopsy . The biopsy is where the doctors take a patch of tissue to look at to see how long the cancer has been there or to see if its really cancer or a false alarm. And after that all you have left to do is wait and hope.

Now that you know about this horrible cancer will you take action? Will you support the people fighting? Will you find hope?

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