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By: Phoebie Calabro


Some people would say that ancient society was not as advanced as today, but believe it or not, people from ancient times have made the world better over time, and that is what made the world as good as it is today.

Ancient Mesopotamia

Starting with one of the first civilizations, the technology in Mesopotamia was not as advanced as today, maybe even in the future, the technology will get better. Cars wouldn't have been invented thanks to the wheel, technically, people still have the wheel, just a more advanced version, like wheels on cars.

Ancient Rome

Now to another ancient civilization, Rome was more, technologically advanced than Mesopotamia was, seeing as how that Mesopotamia was one of the first civilizations, but Rome was known for a lot of pretty inventions/entertainment. Everybody would be bored out of there minds without one of the first forms of entertainment, the chariot track. People would hold horse races in these tracks as forms of entertainment.

Compare & Contrast


Ancient Mesopotamia and Rome didn't really have very many things in common, in fact, the similarity was the aqueduct. Both civilizations had the use of the aqueduct, to help water their crops to help get food for the winter, and to prevent going hunting in the winter.
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Being that ancient Rome was more technologically advanced than ancient Mesopotamia, Rome had more things than Mesopotamia did, but Mesopotamia had some things that Rome didn't have, for example the wheel, Rome didn't invent the wheel, Rome had it but didn't invent, And on the other hand, Rome concrete and cement, usually used for buildings and roads.