Facts about tennis

My favourite sport

I practise tennis at the racket club in Benalmadena every Tuesday and Thursday. From

6:00 to 7:00

Why tennis?

I play tennis because I registered and I liked it.

Rules of tennis:

You can´t bounce the ball more than once. The ball can´t fall on the light green zone.You can´t hit the web.
Tennis Lessons for Beginning Players : Basic Rules of Tennis

Advantages and disadvantages of tennis

Advantages: You can have loot of funny

Disadvantages:Sometimes it rains.

Origin of tennis

One side believes that the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were the first. Drawings or descriptions of any tennis games have not been discovered, but there are a few Arabic words from ancient Egyptian. The theory says that the name tennis comes from the Egyptian town of Tinnis along the Nile and the word racquet comes from the Arabic word for palm of the hand, rahat.
History of tennis sport

Objects for tennis

What do you wear?

Tennis players in history