Engaging students during a lesson

With tech!

The Tools

  • Google Docs
  • Plickers
  • QR codes
  • Kahoot
  • Polleverywhere
  • Padlet

Google Docs

Below are a few brief tutorials created by students that review how Google Docs operates and how to share docs. I enjoy using this tool in the classrooms for the following activities:

  • Group work - you can see who contributed what and when
  • Collaborative doc for brainstorming
  • Class notes
  • Class presentation - outline of an agenda for class that can be saved/edited by students
  • Sign up sheet for class - maybe for presentation times or office hours meetings one on one meetings

How can you use Google Docs in your class?

Google Docs

Google Docs Tutorial
Basic Google Doc
Changing Permissions on a Google Doc


Plickers is a great tool because most of us have mobile devices that we bring to class. Plickers uses QR code technolgoy to engage students in learning by having them hold up a card specifically designed for them to answer multiple choice questions. This is a great tool for summative and formative assessments along with testing prior knowledge and exit tickets.
Plickers Tutorial
A Quick Introduction to Plickers

Quick Response (QR) Codes

QR codes are a great way to get information out to students in a quick way! This video tutorial was created by a student in my EDUC 204 class. I use QR codes in my classroom for students to scan to:

  • Get to the correct website
  • Get information
  • Bonus opportunity
  • Link to syllabus
  • Link to relative video about a topic that they can watch anytime/anywhere
A Quick Look at QR Codes


Kahoot is a great tool that is used to gamify and add some competition to your classroom. I enjoy using this tool to review concepts with my students and as an exit ticket. It is also a nice tool to use to see how much students know about a topic. This video tutorial was created by a student in educ 204.
Quick Introduction to Kahoot!


Polleverywhere is a unique tool to see how your students understand a topic. You can create multiple choice questions, true/false, image based questions, and more. This video tutorial was created by one of my EDUC 204 students.
Quick Look at PollEverywhere


Padlet is a virtual bulletin board that can be used to access student knowledge. I use this tool in my class assess prior knowledge, knowledge during a lesson, and as an exit ticket. Students can also use this a brainstorming board in groups. It is great because students can have something to take with them after a lesson and it lives online. You can also add multimedia to a post in padlet.
Padlet how to