One of the Leaders

# 29 out of the top 50

Howard Shultz

  • Born in Brooklyn, New York on July 19, 1953. Studied and graduated in Northern Michigan University. Founder and current CEO of modern Starbucks. Shultz was a typical guy who played sports and went to college. After college, he go a job as an appliance salesman at Hammarplast, a company that sold European coffee makers. As he was selling he realized that he was mostly selling to a Starbucks in Seattle and knew he needed to go up there. He remembered when he walked in the door and he said, "When I walked in this store for the first time—I know this sounds really hokey—I knew I was home." Shultz said he couldn't really explain the exact feeling but he knew it was the right place. A year after meeting with the Starbucks founders in 1982, he was hired as director of retail operations and marketing for the growing coffee company, which, at the time, only sold coffee beans, not coffee drinks and stuff. As time went on, Shultz went on his own to his own coffee shop, but it was still a Starbucks. Although, one thing is different about his and his employees, he has a heart and his employees aren't just at work to the pay, they are there for the experience. Shultz has a style revolved around motivation and inspiration of his followers. Schultz gave more power to employees in decision making and also flexibility to choose their own working hours. He also provides medical pay and a driving force to make them want be there and be healthy and happy while they are doing it. Like Shultz, I kinda do my own thing and I'm very outgoing. I think being flexible makes him a likeable person. With that, he is a very effective leader. He is respectful and determined and those are some of the things you need to be a good leader.