Euclidian math



Euclid started by looking at the known primes and adding one to their product. For example both 2 and 3 are primes: their product + 1 is also a prime: 2*3+1=7. Continue by adding 5 to the same process: 2*3*5+1=31 - and presto! that is a prime too.

Theorem Simplified

Multiply any two or more prime numbers then add 1. This should result in a prime number. Most times it will give you a prime but sometimes it will not work.

Does work: 2 * 11 + 1 = 23

Doesn't work = 3 * 3 + 1 = 10

Real World Application

Jim wants to program a computer program. but he needs to use an algorithm to in crypt the program. He wants to use an infinite number of primes, so he would use Euclidean principles.