The Ultimate 1920's Gatsby Party

A little party never killed nobody

Time to party party party!

Hundreds of people, from both "East egg and West egg" will show up ready to drink, smoke, and carry on all night long.

Gatsby Party

Friday, Jan. 2nd 1920 at 9pm

West Egg

Women must wear their hair short, nice looking jewelry, and flow dresses. Women must also act like fools and be care free.

Men must wear affordable suits and dressy shoes.

Purpose of the party

Arrive by 9, stay til whenever. This party will have you meeting new men and women. Drinking until you can't drink anymore. The combination of people from the West and East egg will be appealing due to different views of the people. Come out and lets see what you're about!!! Also, I am hoping she will come wandering in...

We Are Great! Well, Great GATSBY.

Everyone will enjoy their visit!