Not Being Barbie

By Sarah Ford

"Not Being Barbie" is about three friends and one that is overweight is bullied while some of the bullies are trying to look like Barbie dolls by being skinny and trying to look perfect.

On the bottom you see Chelsea's boyfriend who doesn't come in much, Chelsea, Shelby and Shelby's brother Charlie he even tells the bully at the locker that her friends aren't real friends because of what there friendship is built off of. Below that is a picture of some of the bullies.

Chelsea is compassionate, kind, sticks up for her friends and she can't stand bullies

Charlie is Shelby's older brother who tells the bullies to leave his sister alone

Shelby is nice and caring and does struggle with her weight even when her friends tell her she shouldn't.

The bullies are the girls that try to look like Barbie dolls and picks on Shelby. They will even pick on each other every now and then.

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