Political Events From the 2000's


9/11 was very sad but significant because the world trade center was attacked by two planes( flight 11 and flight 175). Also because the world trade center was very important to the U.S. At 8:46 am the first plane hit the south tower. Then at 9:49 about an hour later the second plane hit the north tower. 5 terrorist were on both planes they crashed into the world trade centers. (5 on flight 11 and 5 on flight 175). The al-Qaeda were the people who killed a lot of people on September, 11th.

War in Iraq

The war in Iraq was located in the In the middle of Iraq, the 1st Marine Division fought its way to the eastern side of Baghdad, and prepared for the attack into Baghdad to seize it. About 4,486 U.S soldiers had died in the war in Iraq. The operations that the U.S had was OPERATION DESERT STORM, and OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM. Desert Storm lasted for three months as well as Iraqi freedom.

Presidents during this time

The presidents during the 2000's were president Bush(2001-2009 and president Obama(2009-). President Bush was the most important president during the 2000's. Bush helped bring down the al-Qaeda. Bush has also helped America by giving tons of money to help build houses from the destruction that Hurricane Katrina had destroyed a lot of New Orleans in 2005. Obama was the first African american to be president. Also he made Obama care and Mitchell Obama made the program Let's Move and it helps kids eat healthier. The next two people who have a chance to be president is Trump and Clinton.

What was the result

The results in both events of the twin towers and the war in Iraq were really significant America. About 2,996 people died on 9/11. About 242,000 soldiers, people and bad guys died in the war in Iraq. In my opinion I think the 2000 events that happened was the second worst deaths in America. The worst events that happened was the world war 1 and world war 2.