Sarah Winnemucca

indian princess

Sarah Winnemucca was born in Humboldt Sink Nevada,1844. Her mom and dad were Tubiotonie and Paiute Chief Winnemucca. Sarah had a papa his name was Truckee. When Sarah grew up she wrote a book. It helped her people a lot. She died October 16th 1891.I think she was a good princess.

Sarah attended a covanent school in California where she learned to speak english and spanish. When the paiute where forced off there lands in western nevada onto a reservation, Sarah was able to interpreter for the government and her people. She traveled to San Fransisco to report thievery and bad treatment during there travels to the reservation.

Sarah Winnemucca, her life portrayed by Voorhess
Sarah met two woman named Elizabeth and Mary Peabody. Mary said Sarah should write a book, and she did. It was called "life among the Paiutes". Sarah died October 16th. I think she was a good princess