Module 4, Lesson 6

Lesson 6 Practice, Notes, and Assignment

Today's Work

How many of you feel like our poor guy in the drawing to the side? Struggling to get those ideas down but they're just not turning out the way you'd like them to. I know the feeling! Remember, I too was once a student of English! So you can trust me when I say those ideas will come; you just need to be persistent. :) Today you will complete all of Lesson 6, so be sure that you're diligent in your work efforts!

First, fine-tune your thesis statement. Remember to TAKE A STAND; CHOOSE A SIDE. This is a persuasive paper, and your job is to persuade the reader. Some of you are going to have to tweak what you have in order to make it a persuasive paper!

Second, fine-tune your outline. Remember, this is essentially a road map of what your paper is going to look like.

Also, if you are behind get caught up immediately! We are nearing the end of the first quarter and it is imperative that you are caught up on your assignments. Once this quarter ends, you will NOT be able to submit any assignments from this half of the course.

Assignments to complete on 10-12

Do not forget, progress reports go out to schools tonight! Is your grade where you want it to be?

Module 4 Lesson 6 Formative Assessment: Thesis and Outline

Module 4 Lesson 6 Completion: Submit Thesis and Outline

Please make a note that all lessons 1-6 must be turned in by this Friday at 7am to receive full credit. After this date and time, you will only be able to receive partial credit for the missing work.

Way to go!

These research topics are amazing! GMO's, minimum wage, immigration, gun control, and deforestation...these are all wonderful topics. Way to go everyone! I am super excited to start reading these papers over the next few days!