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Feb 2016 News Letter

Om Sai Ram

After a Long Gap its great Pleasure to restart the newsletter with blessings of Sai on this day. Dedicate this article to the lotus feet of Sai.

Sri Saibaba Temple of Universal Oneness has been a Positive energy center and many devotees have come and Prayed Baba and their wishes have come true. Baba is so generous and Graceful and keeps on giving. Many people have asked me why the temple has a tag

"Temple of universal oneness”. The tag we got from is from Satcharitra chapter 28

Sai is not finite or limited. He dwells in all beings, from ants and insects to the God Brahma. He pervades all.

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Who are We?

Before the physical creation there was only one thing it was the pure consciousness brimming with knowledge, light, love and many other characteristics it prevailed everywhere and it was the only one. The conciousness wanted to feel how it is from outside of it to see its vastness and see itself from outside it needs to divide itself to create one and there caused the division. It needed someone to appreciate itself from outside of it and each of division was also had the same properties of the original and was independent of the original meaning it had its own will and own knowledge or consciousness. This created billions of small dots of conscious and formed streams of life. After the physical creation these streams travelled along the universe at their own will. They know there origin who is the supreme conciseness or Parameshwara and at will they can reach him back any time when they long for. These streams reached various solar systems and wanted to experiment life in the planets. You have to have a physical form to enjoy life in the planets. The life in the planets are karma based (Newton’s law for every action there is equal and opposite reaction). The life streams or the light beings (Hu Man - Hu means light Man means being) are born in physical form and get stuck in the birth and death life cycle for three main reason the gravitational pull of the earth, the materialistic pull (illusion that the physical experience is the real and long for that experience.), Karma of the deeds we do while in physical form. When we are born we get attached to this world with our loved ones, Greed to earn more, long for luxury life etc. We evolve based on our experience and reach a stage where we get fed up with life and long for merge with the Supreme Being that time your wish gets fulfilled. Baba Stayed back here is astral form to guide us to become free and protect the planet and its beings from getting destroyed. The reason is only human body is a way to attain salvation.

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Turning Point

When I was young and during college days I used to this the life on earth is to get Pleasure and enjoy. God has given 5 senses to enjoy. My mother introduced Satya Sai in the year 1996 when I was half paralyzed. Not only that I was not even able to control stools and urine. I was not able to walk and was able to only crawl. Baba came in the human form as two doctors who cured me .When I grew up and became sai devotee understood that all of them are given to protect our body the temple where our soul resides while on earth and its part of the Supreme Being. We need food to create energy to sustain our body. Will we eat food if it’s not tasty? God has created tongue to understand taste so that we will eat food. Will we have sexual pleasure if it’s a pain and nightmare everytime? Sexual union is needed to create new life that was the main intention. We need legs and arms to search for food and eat food and this is common for all living beings. . I got introduced to Shridi Saibaba in the year 2001 and he has shown me his grace through miracles and still i am trying to understand the truth through him.

After death of our physical body we still carry the bad and good karma data along with our soul and our next life is choosen based on the karma the bad deeds we did will for sure come back to us in a different way .

Satcharitra chapter 8

In this wonderful universe, God has created billions (84 lacs according to Hindusastra calculation) of creatures or beings (including Gods, demigods, insects, beasts and men) inhabiting heaven, hell, earth, ocean, sky and other intermediate regions. Of these, those creatures or souls, whose merits preponderate, go to heaven and live there till they enjoy the fruits of their actions, and when this is done, they are cast down while those souls, whose sins or demerits preponderate, go down to hell, and suffer the consequences of their misdeeds for so long a time as they deserve. When their merits and demerits balance each other, they are born on earth as human beings, and are given a chance to work out their salvation. Ultimately when their merits and demerits both drop down (are got rid of) completely, they get their deliverance and become free. To put the matter in a nutshell, souls get their births or transmigrations according to their deeds and intelligence (development of their minds).

As we all know, four things are common to all the creatures, viz. food, sleep, fear and sexual union. In the case of man, he is endowed with a special faculty, viz. knowledge, with the help of which he can attain God-vision, which is impossible in any other birth. It is for this reasons that Gods envy man's fortune and aspire to be born as men on earth, so as to get their final deliverance.

Some say, that there is nothing worse than the human body, which is full of filth, mucus, phlegm and dirt, and which is subject to decay, disease and death. This is no doubt true to a certain extent; but inspite of these drawbacks and defects, the special value of the human body is - that man has got the capacity to acquire knowledge: it is only due to the human knowledge that one can think of the perishable and transitory nature of the body itself, and of the world and get a disgust for the sense-enjoyments and can discriminate between the unreal and the real, and thus attain God-vision. So, if we reject or neglect the body because it is filthy, we lose the chance of God-vision, and if we fondle it, and run after sense - enjoyments, because it is precious, we go to hell. The proper course, therefore, for us to pursue is the following; that the body should neither be neglected nor fondled, but should be properly cared for, just as a traveler on horse-back takes care of his pony on the way till he reaches his destination and returns home. Thus the body should ever be used or engaged to attain God-vision or self-realization, which is the supreme end of life.

It is said that though God created various sorts of creatures he was not satisfied, for none of them was able to know and appreciate His work. So he had to create a special being - Man, and endow him with a special faculty, viz. Knowledge and when He saw that man was able to appreciate His Leela - marvellous work and intelligence. He was highly pleased and satisfied. (Vide, Bhagawat 11-9-28). So really it is good luck to get a human body and best one, to get an opportunity of having recourse to Sai Baba's Feet and surrendering to Him.

Temple Needs lot of support and help from the Devotees . Please visit the temple to get blessings from Baba . We do have Morning Abhishekam on at 11 am and Anna Dhana seva in the evening after Sej aarthi every Thursday.

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Rajkannan Kanagarajan


Sri Saibaba Temple of Universal Oneness.