China Town

By William C.T Morris


When we went to the buffet it smelled amazing when i went to the buffet part of the restaurant i got lots of food it was delicious after that i was tapped out it was great though. Chinese food is a great yummy food to go out and get with your family and if you do i know they will like it to!! I learned that every country eats and drinks different things and thats different and thats ok!!

Chinese celebration

Chinese people celebrate lots celebrating is like the emperors birthday.

Chinese New Year

Friday, Jan. 1st, 12am-11:45pm

Chinatown Business Centre, Calgary, AB, Canada

Calgary, AB

Chinese new year is a humungise that the whole world celebrates it!!
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Chinese New Year Button

Theres lots of info!!

The Canadian Pacifac Railway

Thats very long!! :0


​The Canadian Pacific Railway company was incorporated in 1881. Its original purpose was the construction of a transcontinental railway.

How Long Did It Take To Build

Work was to start within two years of joining and be completed within ten years. Built in dangerous conditions by 15,000 Chinese workers. the railway transported across the Canada


Buildings in china are very unique :<)


It makes people feel better :P
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Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine being made is pretty much a tradition Because the medicine is made from natural and also very healthy ingredients. Here are some kinds of medicine: Chuan Xiong it cures Blood-Regulating, Hong Jing Tian cures Tonification, YI Yi Ren cures Promoting Urination

Chinese Art

Very Beautiful ;)

Chinese Zodiac

In order, the 12 animals are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.


All trough out China has special animals that if you were born in one year you had an animal.

Chinese Cloths

The highlighted traditional Chinese clothes are represented by the Tang suit, the Qipao (cheongsam) and the Zhongshan suit. Based on historical discoveries, Chinese clothes dates back later of (1.7 million years ago - the 21st century BC). Materials used were of animal skins and decorations were of small stones and animal teeth.

Chinese Sports

Football and basketball are also shown on TV. Popular amateur sports include table tennis,badminton, martial arts, and various forms of pool. China's professional sports are in its developmental stages. They also may consist of hackie sack, or ping pong during their free time.
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Chinese superstitions

China is a land of many popular beliefs and superstitions. some are: (1) If one hits another person with a broom, the hitter will get bad luck and he will ruin his life.

(2) The Chinese believe that one should keep a well-shaven face. If one wears a moustache it should be well-trimmed. If one violates this norm it will give bad luck.

(3) Another Chinese superstition is that if a dog howls for a few hours in late night, it means someone died somewhere.