Popcorn Popping Parent Volunteers

Directions for Volunteers only

December 5th From 9-11

Dear Parents,
If you emailed to volunteer for popping popcorn please read below for directions for Friday morning. Your team teachers will be teaching classes at the above time.

  1. Please report and check in at the front office.
  2. Mrs. Keisler or Mrs. Ford will direct you to the popcorn machine and directions on how to use this.
  3. Brown lunch bags are provided and were left with these ladies in the front office.
  4. Please pop at least 128 bags of popcorn- maybe some extra- just in case
  5. Deliver 32 bags of popcorn to each Team 1 Teacher to distribute after lunch at our movie viewing.

We had a lot of parents volunteer by the end of the day yesterday. If you arrive and there seems to be more than enough help, please feel free to work in shifts. It is a long process. I believe it took over 2 hours to pop this amount last year. We will not be serving popcorn until about 12:45.

Thank you in advance for ALL your help!!!

If anyone wants to stay and supervise a movie group beginning at 11 so we can divide into 5 rooms we would love the help!!! Just email Mrs. Pavese at Jill_pavese@catawbaschools.net

to book your spot!!!

Thanks again!

Team 1 Teachers