Ms. Tiffani's Class News

Week of October 17th

Important Dates

Wednesday, Oct. 26 - Picture Day
Friday, Oct. 28th Trunk or Treat at PLECC from 5:30 - 6:30

What Are We Learning This Week??

This week we will continue our study on trees. This week's question will be: What food comes from trees? On Monday we will review the seasons of trees by making a book (we did not get to that last week). Tuesday we will list foods that come from trees and read the book Henny Penny and discuss the characters. Wednesday we will taste test a few items that come from trees and decide which one the class liked best and least. We also will practice our rhyming words. Thursday is Ms. Shelly's group and we will do another rhyming activity. Friday we will read the book Ten Apples Up on Top (focusing on wh- questions) and draw a self-portrait with apples on our heads. We also will do our math journal and practice sorting by size.

This week we will review the letters L, F, H, E and T and the sounds they makes. We will introduce the letter I (big line down, little line across the top, little line across the bottom) and work on making I with wood pieces and writing it as well. The kids did better this past week with T words - see if your child can tell you a word that starts with T (or any of the other letters we have reviewed).

We will review the numbers 1-5 and introduce the number 6. Throughout the week we talk about how to represent the numbers in many ways (in the written form, the ten frame, tally marks, items, etc.). Ask your child to make sets of 6 things or practice 6 tally marks (to reinforce the 5 tally plus 1 more).

Speech-Language Group-October 17-21, 2016

We will make a choice of which colored container (black, brown, pink, blue, yellow) to place our picture. We will listen to different sounds (ex. baby, frog, car, thunder, etc) and find the picture of the item that makes each sound. We will review the words and sequence of actions to the "Friends Song".