LadyBug Weekly Newsletter

Week of February 8th

Hello LadyBug Parents,

The kids had a very busy week full of special projects, and they ended it yesterday by celebrating Valentine's day. In the morning we did heart shaped necklaces filled with fruit loops, some jello hearts, and finally the kids passed their Valentines to one another during circle time. It was a lot of fun!!!

As part of the "five senses" project, we got white flowers and put them in three separate vases with food coloring: red, blue and green. By Tuesday, the kids will be able to SEE how the flowers changed their color.

We would like to thank Veer and Jay Singhal and family for the Friday snack. And Happy Birthday to Veer and Jay, they turned three years old!!

Parents Observation is March 1st through March 4th.

More information to come later on.


. RMS is closed on Monday for Presidents Day.

Have a warm and good long weekend.

Ms Oula, Ms Anie, Ms Rachel, Ms Ana