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Sarah's Eternal Gem's

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Congrat's to November's $1K Club

In November these ladies all partied hard and put in more than $1,000 in Personal Volume. As a congrats they will be getting happy mail from me!!! - I promise it is on the way :)

Marisa Caster

Michelle Tate

& Micah Robertshaw

Way to go girls!!!

Can I get a Whoop Whoop?!?!

Welcome New 31 Sisters!

We are so excited to have several new 31 sisters in November!

Amber O'Rourke

Samantha Hrynyk

Debra Schultz

Beth Stasey

Welcome to our Eternal Gems team! We can not wait to celebrate you in your 31 journey!

Happy Thirty-One Anniversary!!!

In December we had two consultants celebrating their anniversary...

Cathy Barry ~ 1 year

Marissa Caster ~ 3 years

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to...

Jayme Boiles12/6 &

Mandi Allen 12/18!

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I want you to go with me to the Dominican Republic!

The earning period for next years LIT trip begins this month and I want you to plan on coming with me! With this new Better Together recruiting incentive there has never been a better time to earn this trip! This year 400 of the 900 earners started the earning incentive at the consultant level... YOU can do this!!! Let me know if you are serious about wanting to earn this trip and we will strategize your game plan!

Sarah Pope

Independent Senior Director

Thirty-One Gifts