By Darcie


The Ultrasound was introduced in 1976. it is important because doctors can monitor unborn babies and make sure the babie's breathing is strong and its heartbeat is healthy. Here are some other important uses of the ultrasound machine:
  • *measuring the size of the fetus to determine the due date,
  • *determining the position of the fetus to see if it is in the normal head down position,
  • *checking the position of the placenta to see if it is improperly developing over the opening to the uterus,
  • *seeing the number of fetuses in the uterus
  • *checking the sex of the baby,
  • *checking the fetus's growth rate by making many measurements over time,
  • *detecting ectopic pregnancy, the life-threatening situation in which the baby is implanted in the mother's Fallopian tubes instead of in the uterus,
  • *determining whether there is an appropriate amount of amniotic fluid cushioning the baby,
  • *monitoring the baby during specialized procedures - ultrasound has been helpful in seeing and avoiding the baby during amniocentesis (sampling of the amniotic fluid with a needle for genetic testing). Years ago, doctors use to perform this procedure blindly, however, with accompanying use of ultrasound, the risks of this procedure have dropped dramatically,
  • *seeing tumors of the ovary and breast
  • Sport

    Cathy Freeman is famous for winning the 400 metre. Cathy Freeman is a sporting legend and she puts Australia on the map. Cathy attracts tourists and locals from all over the globe to watch her compete, bringing in billions of dollars. below are some of her achievements:

    1990 Commonwealth Games, Auckland, New Zealand - Gold 4 x 100 metres relay team. With this medal win, she became the first female Australian Aboriginal to win a gold medal at an international athletics event.
    1991 awarded Young Australian of the Year
    1992 Olympic Games Barcelona, Spain - Cathy Freeman become the first Australian Aboriginal to represent Australia at an Olympics
    1994 Commonwealth Games, Victoria, Canada – Gold in the 200m and 400m.
    1996 Olympics Games Atlanta, USA – silver medal and personal best 48.63 seconds.
    1997 World Athletic Championships, Athens, Greece – gold 400m.
    1998 awarded Australian of the Year
    1999 World Athletic Championships Seville, Spain – Gold 400m


    Scully-Power was born in Sydney, Australia, becoming a U.S. citizen in 1982

    Paul Scully-Power was the first Australian astronaut to go into space for exploration. He is an important part of Australia because he went to space as an Aussie and not everybody gets to experience space like he did.


    WiFi (or Wi-Fi) is short for Wireless Fidelity

    Wifi was invented by a man named John Osullivan in 1992, Wireless internet is important because without wifi we would not be able to go on the internet where ever we are when ever. Many devices can use Wi-Fi, e.g. personal computers, video-game consoles, smart phones, some digital cameras, tablet computers and digital audio players.

    The arts

    Jessica Mauboy went famous when she won Australian idol in 2006. Jess is important because she writes good music and she is such an inspiration to many people all over the world. In December 2006, Jessica Mauboy signed a recording contract with Sony Music Australia – two weeks after the fourth season of Australian Idol ended. In 2007, Mauboy appeared in advertisements for the shampoo product, head and Shoulders. She released her debut live album, The journey in Australia on 24 February 2007.The album was a two-disc package. Disc one contained re-recorded covers of the selected songs Mauboy performed as part of the top twelve on Australian Idol, while disc two included a DVD of her performances on the series.

    Human Rights

    Everybody deserves rights. Humans deserve the right to live, the right to learn, the right to speak, the right to be different and the right to express their feelings. Human rights are the basic rights and freedom to which all human beings are entitled. It's important to know our human rights, everyone should protect and abide by them. People everywhere need to understand what human rights are. When people better understand human rights, it will be easier for them to promote justice and the well-being of society.