Rights and Responsibilities

How To Stay Safe

Introduction To Responsibility

As you grow up, there are certain laws that are put into place so that you can feel secure when patrolling the internet. There is an age where instead of your parents telling you what to do and what not to do, it is the law that guides you. These laws are there to both protect but also make young people aware of what they are doing and what the consequences are, as there is no exception to breaking the law. This site is here to help you understand these laws so that you can get an idea of what you are really doing...

Age of Criminal Responsibility

After the age of just 10 years old, the load is taken of your parents to tell you what is right, and falls on to the law. if you go against these very rigid set of rules, there are many different methods of punishment, as at this age children are too young to go to prison. this may include a juvenile correction facility or you can even be taken away from your parents.

Age of Consent

According to the 'Sexual Offences Act 2003', any child below the age of 16 cannot agrre to any kind of sexual activity.