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  • Midterms for Quarter 2 are here! Where has the time gone? Thanks to all that filled out the 60 Day survey! We use this data to better support you and show the effectiveness of our TLC grant goals.
  • I'm starting to drop-in to more classrooms in both the MS and the HS please let me know if you have something great you would like me to come see!
  • Progress monitoring & Interventions is underway in the Middle School; Keep up the good work!

Strategy of the Week - RAFT Writing

RAFT Writing

This writing strategy can be used across all content areas for all ranges of learners to help them understand a topic and demonstrate creatively their perspective of that knowledge. But what does RAFT stand for? R- is for the Role (who is the person taking the perspective of?) A- is for the audience that will be reading this, F- is for Format, or the way it will be written and T- is for Topic, what they will be writing about. This is a great way for students to show mastery of the content and have some fun too. Eventually you could have the students create their own prompts or as a class come up with ideas for the RAFT and pick from their options.

Here are some examples:
Science, Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, and variety of RAFTs (including electives, art, music, and CORE class examples)

APL- Instructional Time

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