Japanese Sickness and Wellbeing

Etiquette, Masks, Healthcare

The Mask Etiquette

Generally, there are three reasons why people in Japan wear masks;

1) They're sick

2) Their co-workers are sick

3) They have allergies.

It is considered very impolite if one doesn't wear a mask when sick.

Note: It's seen as rude to acknowledge a sneeze!

Healthcare in Japan

Japan has a very effective healthcare system where it costs half as much, with often better outcomes. This is the result of a ban on insurance company profits, accepting mild shortcomings, and having a limit on doctor fees. They also have a very good system where they go into the doctor's almost always on the day they went in.

In Japan, good healthcare is not out of the reach of the poor, and no one is turned away.

Unfortunately, this may work against them in a few years time, as soon, 40% of Japan will be over 65 and in need of more treatments.

Top Hospitals in Japan

Useful Japanese Sickness Words

kaze - a cold

infuruenza - influenza

haien - pneumonia

seki - cough

zansoku - asthma

koo-ketuatsu - high blood pressure

zutsuu - headache

keiren - cramp

mushiba - toothache