Help Me Win!!

Sign up for a 13 week subscription to the Appeal-Democrat for only $28.50!

We are having a competition at work to see who can sell the most subscriptions to our newspaper. I really want to win!!!

It's a great offer, only $28.50 for 13 weeks of home delivery. With that deal you will be paying .31 cents per paper instead of the regular rate of .80 cents per paper. That's a .49 cent savings and it's delivered to your door every day!

I will personally make sure that your subscription stops (if you want it to) at the end of those 13 weeks. This is not a scam that will continue. I'm not a telemarketer, I'm not even in sales. I am just an employee of the Appeal-Democrat that wants to win this competition.

I'm asking my friends to please share this with their friends and hopefully I can get some results.

Help Amanda Win!

Thursday, Feb. 7th 2013 at 12am to Sunday, March 31st 2013 at 12am

1530 Ellis Lake Dr

Marysville, CA