HFE Digital Learning News

April 2017

Amazing Learning Happening!

This is just a preview into the amazing learning that is happening at HFE!


We had 9 of our HFE teachers come out to edcampAVL on SATURDAY, April 22nd! Woohoo! These 9 teachers spent their Saturday learning new strategies, lessons, and gaining ideas from teachers across NC, TN, SC, and KY.

Check out the session board located in the picture below to see the topics that were discussed!

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4th Graders Working Through the Design Process

Our 4th graders analyzed 4 pictures of an Extraordinary Character (in this lesson an Astronaut). They had to infer and gather as much information as they could just by looking at the pictures. They then were given their design card of "Somewhere to Sleep". They then had to research and design a place for their character to sleep keeping in mind storage, space, and communication.

They did an awesome job! Check out the pictures below and the bulletin board hanging in the hall way!

(There are over 720 different design challenges in the Extraordinaries box. This includes almost 25 different characters! Let me know if you are interested in doing this with your class!)

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5th Grade Code Club

5th graders have been working extremely hard through the Google Computer Science First Program in Coding Club! They have progressed to creating games! Check out the pictures below!

Check out the link below to one students' game she created. Can you win? Click "look inside" to see all of the code she wrote in 1 hour!

2nd Graders Programming Robots

2nd grade worked on programming Dash to follow a maze on the floor. They used the app "Path" which focused on spacial reasoning. They did an awesome job!
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5th Grade using 3 Acts Lessons: Questions for Metacognition

5th grade is going deeper into their math reasoning by using The 3 Acts of a Mathematical Story. This process walks students through 3 main steps which hooks them into the math problem and walks them through the analyzing steps.

Check out these 2 sites for already created lessons and more information and ask Jessica Franklin for more information!

3 Acts Lessons

The 3 Acts of a Mathematical Story

New Tech Tool: Google AutoDraw

Check out this site: https://www.autodraw.com/

Students can draw and create really nice looking online posters that look really nice. Choose "autodraw" and the autocorrects and makes your drawing look really nice!