1950's Culture

By: Nate McNealey


The television was a big invention in the 1950's. It was such a big invention that it is even used today as entertainment. The TV allowed people to not read but watch the news.


Seat-belts were a huge invention in the 1950's. They saved many lives and showed that the safety needed to improve greatly in the cars. WE still use seat-belts to this day to keep people behind the wheel and in the vehicle safe.

Polio Vaccine

The polio vaccine cured many kids at the time and save many kids from this sickness in the future. The polio vaccine helped American children and families throughout the US be freed from this sickness for good.


This invention of connecting blocks started a generation of children entertainment. Lego's are still very popular today and the taught kids creativity and using their imagination.


Rock-n-Role became very popular in the 1950's. This music was very good and opened a whole new level of artists. This was only popular for a couple more years after that because nowadays kids have moved on to listening to rap and hitting the whip.


Dolls made a huge impact on little girls around the world and this toy was created in the 1950's.This toy taught girls that they can be want they want to be and allowed them to use their imagination to it's fullest.

Two Piece Swimsuit

This was a huge fashion change in the 1950's. This was pretty risky back then as the usual girl wore a one piece. This opened up a whole new level of fashion of girls wearing less and less.

Camera Flash

Camera flash allowed people to take pictures in the dark and get better lighting. This opened up a greater industry for modeling and other photo shoots.


McDonald's opened up in the 1950's as a fairly small business. Over the years McDonald's has spread across the world. This made it easier to get food quicker and more efficient.

Colored Television

Colored TV was huge in the 1950's. At first TV started with just black and white coloring, then colored TV was invented. This opened up many opportunities for TV shows and movies.