The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell

John Crawford

Author Info

John Crawford: Is an American Iraq War veteran and was originally from Palatka, Florida known for his bestselling book The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell, about his tour in Iraq. In 2000 Crawford, already an Army veteran, had enlisted in the Army National Guard to help pay for his college tuition. In 2003, his unit was deployed to Kuwait and later Iraq during the early stages of the Iraq War.

Main Characters

John Crawford: narrator and the most important main character, sergeant Howell: Incharge of the platoon, take charge leader type of personality, and is good friends with john, Pearson: cocky, trash talker, and smart-ass of the platoon, and Kreed: the guy in the platoon that carries the heavy gun, and doesn"t listen to the sergeant very much and does his own thing most of the time.


The conflict of this book is that there is an on going war between U.S and the independent military/terrorist group called Al-Queda and john and his platoon have to survive dehydration, IEDs, ambushes, and dust storms.
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John Crawford enlists in the military and is transferred to Kuwait, Iraq. when he is there he endures dusts storms, ambushes from Al-Queda, and dehydration. during the first dust storm he has been in enemy tanks attack the HQ and capture not only his platoon but many others. john tries to find some one and ends up finding the marine artillery unit and the commander there orders him to go get a new radio from the tent but when he comes back they had moved on and the tanks were getting closer so he found a hummer and climbed in and found some of his platoon and they wait there for the signal that tanks are gone and to wait out the storm.

Short Passaage

“We often give our enemies the means with which to defeat us”(pg.201 John C.) This passage is saying that sometimes we become weak and give information that in the future can be used against us to defeat us.

Book Analysis

The kind of reader who would like this book are people that like war stories, a lot of violence, gory descriptive scenes. In my opinion i thought the book was really cool and interesting and I do recommend this book to people to read.