Today in AIM

6th grade is awesome!

Making Memories!

Today in 6th grade AIM, it was all about memory making. After starting class with a fun communication challenge, we moved right into fads that made their appearance in the 1920's. Barnstormers, wing walkers, flag pole sitting, Pez dispensers....they were all on the list. During this time period, it seemed that new fads were entering the scene every day.

After researching various fads, each student got right to work creating a special memory box. Using the character that they created last week during the Orphan Train experience, they continued on and designed a memory box showing the trends that were important to them at the time. The boxes were filled with some of the most unusual, creative items. One of these items was the Orphan Train journal which helped to tell their story.

Thank you to all of you who sent boxes in last minute and to those of you who sent in a few extras for those who needed them. The projects will be completed and presented next week. They are so insightful and fun to look through. I love to see their creativity at work.

I hope that you all have had a wonderful week so far and have been able to spend some time completely enjoying this weather.