Information for students

I'm not being I?

Does someone keep harassing you online?
Do they post embarrassing pictures of you, even when they know you won't like it?
Are they subtweeting about you?

Has someone made fake profiles using your information?

If you said yes to ANY of these, you have been a victim of cyberbullying. It doesn't matter who it is, how old they are, or if you know them or not - if someone is saying or doing things to hurt you online, they are a cyberbully.

Okay, so I'm being cyberbullied. What do I do?

Ignore it. Cyberbullies are looking for a reaction. If you ignore them the first few times, they may give up. Use the block feature on any social networks.

Save proof. If cyberbullying continues, save and print pictures, screenshots, or conversations in which you have been cyberbullied. It will help to have this to show an adult.

Tell a parent, principal, or counselor. You need to get an adult involved. It may feeling embarrassing or uncool, but to make the cyberbullying stop you have to report it. Cyberbullies will get in trouble and will stop cyberbullying you and hopefully leave everyone else alone too.

Be peaceful. Whatever you do - don't bully back!