Mrs. Hughes Kindergarten News!

October 13, 2016

This week:

We talked about the life cycle of a pumpkin and learned the letter Dd.

We are reviewing numbers and learning how numbers can be represented in different ways. Thank you to everyone who has returned math homework! It's really important for the skills to be reinfornced at home.

I am starting to introduce sight words. This week the kids learned "I" and "a."

Mrs. Craddock sent out the signup for our Halloween activities. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of us.

Next Week:

We will visit the book fair on Tuesday and have our normal library day on Wednesday.

Our class will talk about bats! We will learn the letter Ee and continue on with numbers. I will also introduce it and is!

Reader's Workshop:

We are cruising along in Reader's Workshop. Next week, we are starting my favorite unit with our Star Books. I've spent a lot of time reading these classic books and your child will start to learn even more about reading! The kids are reading for 8 minutes and will start to work with a partner in the near future!

Your child will be bringing home information about Raz-Kids. This is an online reading program that is specifically designed for your child. There are comprehension questions after the story and your child will most likely need help as he/she gets started. All students are starting on level A at this time. The book could be easy or difficult, depending on your child's exposure to reading. As the year progresses and I complete our reading assessment in January, all levels will be adjusted. There is an app for this program too!

Odds and Ends:

-Please make sure your child can get on his/her coat. It's a really good idea to work zipping.

-Please send dry snacks only. Go-gurts and squeeze appleasuces are fine. I ask that fruit cups with juice, applesauce and yogurt cups are saved for lunch. We've had a few spills and we can't have that on our carpet. Please make sure you are checking to make sure all snacks are Peanut/Tree nut free. If a snack is not labeled, I can not allow your child to have it in our class. Thank you for your help!

Important dates:


13th-14th-Book Fair

17th-18th-Book Fair

19th-Late Start

25th-Picture Retakes

28th-Half Day and Halloween Celebration