Brown Marmorated Stinkbug

An Invasive Species


Scientific Name: Halyamorphia Halys

Common Name: Brown Marmorated Stink Bug


Its a small brown/blackish bug with the texture and color of tree bark, fully grown the average length is 3/4th of an inch, also have wings.


Originally from China, Japan, and Taiwan

Meathod Of Transportation

They were accidentally introduced to America by packages of fruit shipping to America from China.

Last Seen

It is now found in at least 24 states from Maine to California, and is expected to expand its range across North America.
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The stinkbug kills produce such as fruits, vegetables, and even ornamentle plants. Stinkbugs also migrate seasonally so it effects a large variety of farms/houses across the U.S.


Management for this species is currently limited. Agricultural control relies on chemicals. If any is spotted in your area it is recomended to close off any areas they can get in and control them with chemicals.