Lincoln Douglas Debates


Come see Lincoln and Douglas discuss major issues in the state!

Monday, Aug. 21st 1848 at 5pm

Ottawa, IL, United States

Ottawa, IL

What to expect: Lincoln and Douglas will talk about their respective stances on slavery. Lincoln will most likely talk about the potential dangers of perpetuating slavery after the passage of the Compromise of 1850. Douglas will most likely swing towards the benefits of popular sovereignty for the states. Lincoln will probably state his position in terms of best interest in preserving the union while avoiding nationalizing slavery. Douglas should counter by saying that the best interests of the Union is protecting the states' wishes. Full of head butting, you won't want to miss their first of seven debates!
These debates ultimately win Lincoln the ballot, making him the anti-slavery presidential candidate. Opposing the oppression of slaves and advocate of gradual emancipation, he rallies the north and nationalizes the abolition movement in the northwest. Lincoln goes on as the President prior and during the Civil War.