Course Schedules

Making It User Friendly

The course schedules are one of the most important components of the online course. Students need to know what to do and when to do it. Creating schedules that are organized and easy to read will help students be successful in the course. Since we serve a wide range of students, making a schedule that a student who is unmotivated and unorganized can easily follow should be our goal. Below you will find some tips and examples for making your course schedule user friendly.

Tips for Making the Schedule User Friendly:

Things to Avoid:

Assignment Heavy in the Beginning

Pacing each schedule so that around the same number of assignments are due each assignment due date. If possible, even going slightly light the first assignment due date. Many students are overwhelmed with learning the new online classroom environment. When there are a large number of assignments to complete as well then they easily fall behind and become discouraged from the onset. However, if schedule is created so that there are roughly the same number of assignments due throughout the entire semester then students have the chance to become acclimated and know what is expected out of them for each due date. It is nice to have all students following the same schedule, however it is a real disadvantage to a student enter the course later in the semester to complete a large amount of work in the very beginning just to get caught up with the rest of the students. This is one way to ensure you are providing the opportunity for success for all students.
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At the start of each semester you have the ability to make each schedule excellent for your students by making it organized and user-friendly. Having a good schedule could be the determining factor that allows a student to successfully complete your course. Please take the time to review and revise your schedules as necessary to make them exemplary.

Report Problems with Master Template Schedules

When you are developing the schedule at the beginning of the semester, please be sure to report any problems or discrepancies with the master template so that it can be fixed for future semesters. Please report any problems on the following Google Doc: FOUND HERE