pages 20-40 by Kara Theisen

the nose grid

*Titus continues to be interested in the girl

*He begins to realize that they sound stupid

*More talk about lesions

*The girl talks about the 'face grid'

*Link and Marty try to impress her

*The girls seems smart to them

the moon is in the house of boring

*Girls name is Violet

*The group wants to go out that night and try to break in to minibar to start off the night

*Protests against the feed were taking place where they happened to be

*Idea of malfunction

*They go to Rumble Spot

*Crazy old man begins to make people say "We enter a time of calamity" over and over

*Titus and Violet get their feeds shut off

Discussion Question

On page 47, Titus states, “And it’s really great to know everything about everything whenever you want, to have it just like, in our brain, just sitting there.” Do you agree with this? Why or why not?

How does Anderson’s work question the dangers of overreliance on technology?

*"but he started laughing while the rest of us were still looking up "suppuration" on the feed English-to-Enlgish wordbook" (Anderson 23).

*technology is making the teenagers rely on their feed to give them information about this word rather than just asking what she meant by it.

*"Marty was like, "We could malfunction"" (Anderson 33).

*this shows that they all relied on the their technology and 'malfunctioning' to let them have a good time that night.

Feminist Theory

*Women seem smarter than the men.

*"She seemed really smart from what she said, and she was pretty..." (Anderson 25).

*Women play a large role in Feed.

New Historicism/Cultural Studies Theory

*We notice that the teenagers in Feed act very similar to todays time.

*"...talk with Link Arwaker, who women for some reason always go for, in spite of the fact that he's a meg asshole to them" (Anderson 24).

*They all try to get wasted before they go out so that they can have a bette time.

*Boys are always showing off to try and impress the girls.